Thursday, November 18, 2010

Best Place to Eat a Popscicle

Is "Cheese Melter" a code word?

What possesses people to stand in the aisle of a busy restaurant with a blank look on their face? Did all the motion confuse them?

I do not care HOW senile you are. Sandals and socks are NOT OK.

I think the employee allergies are stemming from all the "old people dander" that's floating around in here.

Why do the Hash Browns contain wheat? That's unnatural and suspicious.

Favorite thing I've heard from a customer (said with absolute authority):
The best place to eat a Popsicle? Bathtub!

You can sign out now. You've caused enough damage.

4 huge glasses of pop. Are you reconstituting yourself or making sure you get every penny's worth?

I'm sorry. Company policy does not allow for the return of your salad because you are too full now.

If I see one more person devour a packet of jelly with their spoon, I may put on my stern face.